Industrial Design

"Communication among people, products and environments"

The 21st century requires integrated design curricula encompassing multiple disciplines because a new society is approaching based on smart technology. The Department of Industrial Design seeks to cultivate convergent talent global in perspective, integrating advanced technologies and aesthetic artistry. To this end, students study a comprehensive range of subjects and learn how to blend reason and sensibility in their thinking, maximizing individual creativity and exploring new design language that can flexibly respond to changing times. In addition, ongoing design education is provided so that student potential can be realized, fostering future-oriented creative talent that can communicate with organic and flexible thinking linking people, living environments, and space.

Career paths after graduation

Product design; interior design; robot design; drone design; 3D printer design; UX/UI design; wearable product planning and design; IT device design; transport design; medical & industrial device design; furniture & lighting design; infrastructure design; living area design; leisure sports product design; (urban) environmental planning; environmental (public) facilities; space coordination; space display planning & design; VMD; POP design; interior design; lifestyle design; interior construction firms; convention industry companies; industrial tech companies; human interaction design firms; design firms for industrial devices used in shipbuilding, medical equipment, industrial machinery, plants, environmental protection, and color; new media & imaging device developers; game & character device and product design developers; space interior coordinators; housing management firms; regional environmental space consultants; public servants in relevant government offices; graduate school, company startups

Related qualifications (qualification track upcoming for design-related public officals)

- Technician : Professional Engineer Product Design, Professional Engineer Urban Planning, Professional Engineer Landscape Architecture, Professional Engineer Packing
- Industrial engineer : Industrial Engineer Product Design, Industrial Engineer Visual Communication Design, 3D Printing Development Design, Industrial Engineer Colorist, Industrial Engineer Architecture, Industrial Engineer Interior Architecture, Engineer Urban Planning
- Craftsman : Craftsman Applied Product Modeling, Engineer Packing, Furniture Designer, Engineer Visual Communication Design, Engineer Colorist, Engineer Ergonomics
- Certified technician : Craftsman Computer Aided Architectural Drawing, Craftsman Interior Architecture, Craftsman Landscape Architecture, Craftsman Computer Graphics Operation, Craftsman Web Design

About the major

- Faculty with extensive experience in industry and research results fit for fostering new engineers
- Curricula with both practical knowledge and sound theories helping students to develop divergent thinking, useful while adapting to changing global industry trends and fluctuating consumer markets
- Cultivate experts to lead in converged industries based on their study of design + advance technology + humanities, reflecting the paradigm ship and future consumer trends brought on by the 4th Industrial Revolution in the 21st century
- Cultivate next-generation industrial designers with practical skills who are ready to be fast followers and first movers who are willing to experience and are creative
- Provide curricula specialized in ecofriendly, sustainable design to generate a creative and innovative synergy effect
- Hold product exhibition for graduates each year in related majors to support career advancement and portfolio creation

Questions and Counseling

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