Culture and Art Management

Today, culture and art are clearly positioned as contents of cultural industries that produce added value beyond the category of pure creative activities. Especially in the fields of creative arts and culture, we are welcoming a new level of quality transformation. Recognizing this reality in depth, to lead the various artistic desires of modern society carried out in human life, the department of culture and arts administration is responsible for the active response of rapidly changing culture in advanced management principles for cultural industries such as performances, exhibitions, planning, and distribution so to cultivate culture and arts management experts.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Performance planner, museum art museum educator, cultural contents producer, graduate school

Related Certificates

Performance organizer, museum and art gallery educator, cultural content producer, post graduate school

Department - Major Merits

  • Curriculum ranging from authentic art management ㆍ creative management (combining corporate management and art management) to alternative cultural management
  • Every year, we carry out specialized field-related specialization projects (art, music, theater, exhibitions, performances, festivals, etc.)
  • Cultural art experts networking
  • Various study groups: Jeonlamhak gaelon (Exhibitionology), GangYesa (Art and Society Reviewers), Simdeureoung (Lingering Group), Munhwa's talking (Culture Discussion Group)