Cyber Security and AI Technology

"A safe and convenient cyber world"

The goal of the Cyber Security & AI Technology Department is to foster data security experts with the practical knowledge and skills, focusing on next-generation cyber security technologies and cyber security management to ensure information system confidentiality, integrity and availability. The students also gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for trouble-shooting vulnerabilities in data systems and coming up with the appropriate protective measures as well as for responding to cyberattacks and personal data theft, providing consulting on data protection, and working as security control personnel.

The ultimate goal is to help build the platform for national data protection and create a clean environment for personal data protection Students are being cultivated into experts who (1) can capably adapt to changes brought on by the 4th Industrial Revolution by being trained in convergence software that maximize expertise in data security and computer software engineering and (2) gain integrated thinking abilities and creativity through major diversification and specialization within the Department.

Career paths after graduation

- Security mangers for data protection agencies, companies, financial agencies, and portal sites
- Institutes for data security such as ETRI, KISA, NSRI and FSA
- Government agencies: National Intelligence Service, National Police Agency Cyber Bureaus, Ministry of National Defense
- State certified agencies, review and certifying agencies for data protection products
- IT related companies

Related qualifications

- Data security certifications: Engineer Information Security, CISSP, CISA, CIA
- Network-related certifications: CCNA, CCNP, CCIE
- IT-related certifications: Engineer Information Processing, MCSA, MCSE, OCP

About the major

- Provide education centered on cyber security, applying current technologies to resolve security issues in the real world
- Foster creatively convergent experts through AI basics and converged training
- Offer curricula that are self-designed and can lead in areas related to the 4th Industrial Revolution
- Offer curricula that assesses security trends and recognizes best practices, focusing on IT security products and threats

Questions and Counseling

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