Cultural Mediation Administration

"Cultural Mediation Administration! Fostering individuals representing artists!“

The Cultural Mediation major from the College of Culture and Communication builds the social skills needed by people working in the cultural industry and pure art. The goal is to cultivate future-oriented personnel who represent culture and art to society. Students must learn administrative skills such as writing as well as understanding statistics related to the cultural and art businesses. To become agents, they also must come to understand history, business management, cultural intermediary psychology, and other humanities areas. Last, they must acquire practical skills such as managing cultural and art venues or starting up such businesses The current market needs people who go beyond the role of the traditional culture and art specialist, reaching out to society more actively, and the students are supported by a topnotch faculty that understands these areas thoroughly.

Educational goals

Cultural Mediation Administration major is designed to cultivate practical, well-rounded, and creative individuals needed in areas throughout society. More specifically, students in this major are not bound by the limitations of traditional culture and art specialists, and may become representatives needed in fields that may include regional culture or art education. They may also link up with various corporate or institutional employers.

Career paths after graduation

- Facilitating artist for Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture: a non-government expert promoting everyday cultural activities
- Korean Artists Welfare facilitator: an artist working with a company or an organization, finding out what the company wants and mediates with participating artists who can satisfy the requirements; the artist establishes the relationship between with companies and artists and manages projects and results.
- Participating artist, art teacher, event manager, culture content producer and marketer, video planning and producer, cultural foundation surveyor, party planner

Appeal of the major

- Cultivate individuals with practical and specialized skills needed by art and culture organizations and related enterprises
- Lectures by faculty active in the field, efficient curricula operation
- Integrated culture administration and communication program available only through the cyber university