Disaster Prevention Science

What is the Department of Disaster Prevention Science?

The Department of Disaster Prevention Science is a future-oriented unit dedicated to nurturing students who can help protect the world from disasters caused by economic growth and industrialization. We teach the technology and sense of responsibility needed to protect the world from climate change, environmental pollution, disasters and accidents. A topnotch faculty and curricula teach disaster prevention methods Students become experts in disaster prevention science, armed with the skills to manage disaster prevention technology and risk to that people can maintain safe lives, or they are cultivated as professional firefighters who are adept at academic theory and practical skills. A Bachelor of Engineering Science is awarded to all students to complete any curriculum within the Department.

Goals of the Department of Disaster Prevention Science

- Cultivate individuals with danger response and disaster management skills
- Foster firefighting experts with technological expertise and iron-clad career views
- Produce disaster prevention experts with both theorical and practical skills.

The attraction of this major

Best professors and curricula in the country

- Korea's best faculty in this field, teaching excellent courses to foster theorical knowledge and practical ability.
- Curricula designed to provide the knowledge and information needed to acquire related certificates, allowing students to earn their certificate at the same time as graduation.
- Specialized skills for various career tracks, depending upon student specialization in areas such as future strategies, civilization resilience, increasing military/ police competencies

Generous benefits for students of the Department of Disaster Prevention Science

- Benefits for firefighter family members: administration fee is exempt, 30% discount on tuition for every term
- Benefits for firefighters: administration fee is exempt, 50% discount on tuition for every term
- Industrial and Industrial-University collaboration scholarship: managed through an arrangement between the university and the industry.

Establish a comprehensive human network in the field

- Share information with people engaged in future science or firefighting
- Build a network among students, military and police officials working for the school and experts on public safety.

Diverse range of programs for fostering expert firefighters

- Special classes with invited experts in future science and firefighting, special lectures off-site
- Online site for information on current curricula and certificate acquisition