Seasonal Semester

Seasonal semesters run during the summer/winter breaks for students who need to add lectures to their regular semester courses, and for students who wish to graduate early or are taking multiple majors and/or minors.

A. Courses

Selected courses for the regular semesters are subject to change if the number of enrolled students does not meet the required quota. For any cancelled major courses, there will be alternative ways for students to meet the requirements.

B. Eligibility

Current students and part-time students who have registered in the previous regular semester may retake courses to raise their grades or to earn credits during school breaks.

C. Course Method

Classes run for four weeks. Three to four weeks worth of classes will run each week for the required number of credits. Schedules may vary slightly depending on the subjects. However, if the length of the course exceeds four weeks, credits earned the semester immediately before graduation will not be reflected in the student’s academic records.

D. Number of Credits

Seasonal semesters are held during the summer and winter breaks, a total of two sessions per year for a maximum of 9 credits. The sum of the credits for the previous regular semester and the seasonal semester must not exceed 24 credits.

E. Tuition

Tuition per credit for seasonal semesters is the same as for regular semesters (e.g., the cost for a 3-credit course beginning in 2009 Winter School was KRW 80,000 X 3 = KRW 240,000).

F. Grades

  1. 1) Grades for seasonal courses will be added to the grades of the previous semester.
  2. 2) Grades earned during seasonal semesters are included in the total number of credits earned and the cumulative GPA. However, they may not be included toward the scholarship honor roll, class ranking, awards and academic warnings.