Temporary Absence/Reinstatement

A. Temporary Absence

  1. 1) Application Method: Fill out the Application for Temporary Absence on the website → Approval by the Dean/Head of the Department → Registry at the Department of School Affairs → Approval
  2. 2) General Leave of Absence:
    • Criteria: Students who have enrolled but are unable to continue their studies due to family circumstances, medical conditions, accidents, or overseas language programs.
    • Application Period: A period set during school breaks.
    • Duration: The duration of the leave of absence may not exceed two semesters. Students needing longer leaves must apply for an extension. In addition, general leaves of absences cannot exceed three years total.
    • Documents: One application form / a doctor's note for medical leaves of absence / one business trip order for long-term business trips.
    • Others:
      • After the official enrollment period expires, a general leave of absence will only be granted after paying the tuition.
      • A temporary absence is possible only after completion of one semester for new entrants/transferred students or readmitted students (But this clause is not applicable for medical/military leave of absence)
      • Students who apply for a temporary absence after the start of midterm must pay the entire tuition.
      • If students withdraw their temporary absence, they have to submit an application for reinstatement. In this case, early reinstatement is permitted, but the school counts in one semester as their temporary absence.
  3. 2) Military Leave of Absence:
    • Criteria: Students who have received an official draft call
    • Submission Period: Year-round must submit application for a temporary absence before beginning the military service
    • Period for Temporary Absence: Maximum six semesters (three years); military service exceeding such will be accounted for in the total leave of absence period
    • Documents: One application form / a copy of draft call (online draft call printout accepted)
  4. 2) Tuition Rollover/Refund:
    • Students on a temporary absence after enrollment will be able to roll over the paid tuition to their returning semester (If tuition after reinstatement exceeds paid tuition, only the difference needs to be paid).
    • For military leave of absence, grades can be given at the student’s request if the student has attended more than two-thirds of classes for the semester. If the grades are forfeited, the paid tuition will be rolled over to the returning semester. However, students entering military leave of absence at the time of final’s week, including the first day of the final exam week, will be acknowledged as having completed the relevant semester.
    • Students on a temporary absence who do not return on schedule and/or drop out may petition for a tuition refund based on the date shown on the registration application(registration date of the first general leave of absence for an extended temporary absence).

B. Reinstatement

  1. 1) Method: Apply on the website → Approval by the Dean/Head of the Department → Registry by the Department of School Affairs →Approval of reinstatement
  2. 2) Reinstatement
    • Criteria: Students on a leave must return when the leave period expires. Students who have not extended their leave or not returned after the expiration date will be expelled.
    • Application Period: A time set during a school break
    • Documents: One application form for reinstatement
    • Others: Students on a leave for military service are required to submit application for reinstatement with the resident registration abstract showing a record of military serviceafter the discharge.