Applied Music

The Department of Applied Music at Kyung Hee Cyber University combines western classical music, oriental traditional music, popular music and jazz based on a big ideology to create '21st century new music'. This department emphasizes the popularity and practicality of music and places progressive, unrestricted and challenging musical experiments at the center of our curriculum, department, and club operations. Students are expected to have both a semi-professional literacy and learning experience in music, interest in various social culture phenomena related to music, in addition to a challenging and innovative spirit of experimenting with their own unique music world. Not only do they have an innovative mind of experimentation, but also patience to endure intense learning.

Post-Graduation Career Path

  • Music festival work:
    • A & R Man, Recording Producer (Recording Director), Recording Engineer, PA (Public Address) Music video director, music producer
  • Music media profession:
    • A show producer, a music FM producer, a radio DJ, a broadcast writer, a music journalist, a commentator, columnist, sound designer, advertising music coordinator, sound engineer, Music management officer
  • Creator:
    • Songwriter, composer, arranger, performer, musical actor, singer, club DJ, music therapist, manipulator
  • Education:
    • Professor, music institute, music therapy, cultural art history, graduate school and study abroad

Department - Major Merits

  • Professional training through a systematic curriculum at the best faculty in Korea
  • Provides masterclasses with famous artists from Korea and abroad opportunities
  • Provides opportunities to participate in various audition programs and lectures through industry-academia cooperation with external organizations
  • Prepare for overseas training activities at affiliated offline campuses.