Media Video Promotion

The Department of Media Communication operates a training course specialized in the growing demand for education in digital media and online PR communication. We train talented people in practical and creative convergence with technical skills for various digital media and communication skills required for online advertising and public relations market through humanistic reflection on media-based society, in-depth understanding of the latest IT trends, and media communication theory education.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Media companies, IT companies, media, cultural industries, advertising, PR, marketing, digital content planning and production, online publishing, new media start-up, graduate school, etc.

Department - Major Merits

  • 2013 Ministry of Education’s program 'Work-Before-Study Specialization University’
  • Convergence education of 'humanities + business + contents' for cultivating future professional talents in the field of digital media ㆍ online PR
  • The best-in-class talent in Korea with expertise and practical skills