Oriental Health Management

About the Department

"Cultivating holistic health managers who consider both the body and mind"

Modern society is highly advanced and extremely competitive. Maintaining good physical health is difficult because of imbalanced diets, while in such a competitive social environment, panic, anxiety and other such disorders make it difficult to stay mentally healthy. Thus, people need to overcome mental exhaustion and illuminate inner peace, keeping body and mind in harmony and balance so that they can think correctly about phenomena. At the same time, the aging society is driving greater demand for healthcare services. Amid this social backdrop, the Department of Oriental Health Management has created a new, converged discipline for study that brings together elements from traditional Korean medicine, East Asian thought, philosophy, meditation and yoga. Western medicine treats problems after the illness has become manifest, whereas traditional Korean medicine seeks the source of the illness and treats it preventatively. From a health and medical standpoint, this approach gets very close to the modern person and is easy to practice in the real world. The Department of Oriental Health Management teaches two curricula that follow basic principles of traditional Korean medicine. One concerns dishes prepared with medicinal herbs and the prevention and treatment of illness through diet; the other is a meditative process that considers human beings to be part of mighty Nature and stresses the need to maintain a humble mindset. The Kyung Hee University System boasts one of the nation's best departments of traditional Korean medicine, which aims to cultivate Oriental health management experts of the highest competitiveness. Moreover, the program is designed to cultivate talented individuals who examine themselves to make their own lives and existence more complete and act independently as well as humanitarian-minded people who help others to rest their minds and bodies and who work to further the sustainability of humanity.

Our goals

- Whole-rounded education that helps students to achieve a correct attitude toward life and refinement by harmonizing body and mind
- Recognize humanity as part of nature; seek fundamental introspection through self-reflection and humility
- Foster independent-minded people who self-examine and act to make their own lives and existence fuller
- Cultivate humanitarian-minded people who help others achieve physical and mental peace and who work for the sustainability of humanity

The appeal of this major