Overseas Culture Tour

Various Opportunities to Go Abroad and Attend ESL Courses Abroad...Cultivating Creative and Global-Minded Leaders.

KHCU runs an array of programs designed for students in order to cultivate global citizens. Students have opportunities to go abroad and participate in various programs, including visits to cultural relics, meeting native students of foreign universities as well as professionals in national and local government complexes. Through our strong ties with partner universities around the world, many programs can link students to universities and affiliated agencies and allow them to undertake volunteer activities and language programs. Through our unwavering support, students are able to achieve greater things.

Tour Period

During the winter or summer vacations

Tour Areas

Areas of the world are selected according to the program trends

Tour Participants

5 to 30 persons

Tour Details

Visit to cultural or historic sites, universities, businesses, government agencies or NGOs

Support Amount

Up to 60% of the cost is provided by KHCU and the balance is borne by the participants.

Recruitment Guidelines

a. Eligibility to Participate
  1. 1) Those who have enrolled in two or more semesters including the current semester and who have earned 3.0 or higher grades in the immediately preceding semester;
  2. 2) Those who are free from any limitations on overseas travel; and
  3. 3) Those who are participating in KHCU’s overseas tour program for the first time.
b. Selection Method: Applicants are screened based on the submitted documents.
  1. 1) Sixty points for immediately preceding semester grades + forty points for the tour plan + up to 10% bonus points
  2. 2) One student per department is selected based on the total points and the remaining candidates are selected based on the points.
  3. 3) Bonus Points: Based on the total accumulated credits earned at KHCU, the student’s performance on foreign language certification tests and language skill certificates
c. Application should be submitted in person or by post or e-mail.