Sport Management

In the 21st century sports field, there is a changing paradigm that emphasizes the value of sports business such as media value development, high added value creation, and productive national welfare.
As a result, there is a rapid growth of professional sports participation and participation rate of the national sports so the need to train sports management managers and leaders is increasing. In order to meet the need for the change in the times, the Department of Sports Management is cultivating professional management personnel and professional leaders who are in the knowledge-based information age. With its long history and tradition, abundant infrastructure and faculty, Kyung Hee University is located in the best position in the sports field when providing a cooperative education.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Sports journalist, researcher, educator, athletic officer, exercise prescriber, marketer, transfer, graduate school

Related Certificates

Sports management manager Level 2, life sports instructor, health sports manager, youth sports instructor

Department - Major Merits

  • Curriculum linked with top sports management professors at home and abroad and Kyung Hee University Physical Education College.
  • Fostering future sports management talent as a combined course based on sports management
  • Customized training courses such as sports management manager, life sports instructor, health exercise manager, etc.
  • Programs for enhancing practical skills such as visiting domestic sports facilities, internships and special lectures