Urban Planning and Real Estate

About the major

"Frontrunners in in real estate management and service education for the AI era"

- Reflecting a time of changing demographics and greater importance on environmental quality
- An in-depth and competitive program designed for practical learning
- Famous professors who inculcate academic theory and develop practical skills for industrial worksites

Educational goals

The Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate Studies aims to foster constructive managers for the future in order to create a culture-rich world. The goal is to improve the ability to respond to risk in the fintech area by providing education in real estate development and onsite management against risk. In-depth and detailed courses on real estate and related areas are provided, and new studies not available in other programs are integrated into the curricula to meet societal demands

Appeal of the major

A choice between two majors in the Department of Finance and Real Estate Studies: Finance & Economics or Urban Planning & Real Estate

- Learn about finance and real estate at the same time
- Departments linked by common required courses, expanding the range of double majors and minors
- Educational programs for certifications in preparation for life after retirement
- Programs for housing welfare worker examination

Major-specific programs for cultivating real-estate management professionals

- Surveys on domestic and overseas real estate development
- Hands-on training for urban planning and real estate experts
→Course 1: Special lesson practice for real estate purchase deputy (6 hours)
→Course 2: Special lesson practice for real estate dispute jury (6 hours)
→Course 3: Special lesson for general housing counseling (6 hours)
- Offline special lectures with invited experts in finance and economics

Special scholarship programs for the Department of Finance and Real Estate Studies alone

- Special scholarships, apart from the national and university scholarship program (run on alumni and student donations for college advancement)
- Alumnus Ki-Won Lee Scholarship
- Other university scholarship offerings: based on grades and exemplary studies

Lively self-study programs and club activities!

- Online student caf?, offline study club and stock clubs, engaged in diverse activitie