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Opening of Education

Opening and sharing diverse regular and special lectures are the core means for KHCU to perform social responsibilities for sharing knowledge while leading the discourse in local and overseas communities.

Opening of Education
1 Education and the Future of Humanity
Paul Kennedy (Professor of British history, Yale University)
2 “Barack Obama, John Lewis and Heritage of American Civil Rights Movement”
Glenn T. Eskew (Professor of History, Georgia State University)
3 "How Does It Feel to be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in Post 9/11 America"
Moustafa Bayoumi (Professor of Journalism, The City University of New York)
4 Education and the Future of Hummanity
Paul Kennedy (Professor of British history at Yale University)
5 Present and Future of American Future
Mike Gravel (Former U.S. Democratic Senator)
6 "The Media Dimension"
Mary Collins
7 Reinventing Global Orders : The Role of the UN and Global Civil Society
G. John Ikenberry (Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University)
8 Reinventing Global Orders : The Role of the UN and Civil Society
Afaf Mahfouz (Former Chairman of CoNGO)
9 The United Nations and World Order
Takashi Inoguchi (Professor in the Graduate School of Public Policy, Chuo University)