Future University

What is a true university? Does a university play a role in higher learning? With the aid of higher learning, we should strive to improve ourselves and the world regardless of when and where we are. In cooperation with KHU, KHCU is establishing a university of the future that integrates knowledge and action beyond place and time, generations and countries. Humanitas College, the Global Studio Network and the Global Service Core are the doors to a bigger life and a better future.

Humanitas College

Can a university exist without asking questions? When you reflect upon yourself, your life, humanity, society and university, you become a fully-rounded human being. Humanitas College, scheduled to open March 2011, will be the realization of KHU’s dream to establish a true university. Experts trained in the field and professionals from around the world will help you to acquire the ability to contemplate humanity and culture and apply the fruits of your imagination for a better future. KHCU and KHU will work together in Humanitas College so that you can grow to become a world citizen endowed with cooperative and creative intelligence.

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Global Studio Network (GSN)

As the world is steadily being integrated into a single community in pursuit of long-term interdependence and mutual benefits, what kind of role should a university play in achieving that goal? Now, universities should lead the community of global research, education and action beyond national boundaries. The GSN (Global Studio Network) is a global academic community that connects major urban bases of education, research, social service, culture and art around the world through online networks. By establishing studios in the world’s major cities - including New York, Beijing, London, Paris, and Tokyo - we will build a global network to facilitate dialogue among diverse cultures. The GSN, built through cooperation between Kyung Hee University and Kyung Hee Cyber University, is an education program as well as an education institute whose aim is to present new models for education, research, exchange and cooperation with the world-best online contents and next-generation e-learning systems based on innovative technology. When the GSN is established, scholars, students, experts, activists, businesspeople, artists, and citizens from all over the world will be able to share and exchange the world’s best lectures online and carry out joint research projects and video seminars with partners in distant locations.

Global Service Corps (GSC)

Have you ever studied with your heart? Have you ever truly helped anyone? To build a true university, KHU asked these questions in the summer of 2010. University is not just an ivory tower. True learning is only possible when you create hope for the weakest in the world. Learning is not primarily completed by our brains, but it also requires full hearts and real action. The GSC is a paradigm of social contribution dedicated to achieving global dignity, and it will set an outstanding example of future-oriented action by inheriting KHU’s tradition of study and peace.