Visual and Media Design

"Visual communication and artistic sensibility"

Advancements in digital technology today are diversifying design techniques used in new media and expanding their areas of application, and the importance of visual media design is being stressed progressively. The changing times and society are energizing visual design for unimpeded communication, and this area is growing rapidly while it is aggressively being converged with media technologies for interactive applications.

The Department of Visual and Media Design specializes in curricula both convergent and complex that make use of artistic design sensibilities to apply media technologies effectively and turns creative ideas into reality. Outstanding video media experts are shaped by diverse, specialized courses that are forward-looking, while future-oriented design leaders are being cultivated with planning, design, and production capabilities.

Career paths after graduation

- Artist using media content design, Planning, producing, manufacturing and design expert for movie, advertisement, broadcast, game, animation, webtoon and mobile, culture and arts content expert or related company, establishing start-ups, freelancer, graduate school
- Broadcasting service, production, video editing designer, animator, motion graphic designer, video advertisement designer, music video producer, company advertisement creator, movie curator, web designer, webtoon development and design--all jobs associated with visual culture and after which the individual can study abroad or get a post-graduate degree for going into teaching at schools or academies

Related qualifications

Engineer Visual Communication Design, Industrial Engineer Visual Communication Design, Craftsman Computer Graphics Operation, Adobe ACE, Adobe ACS, Craftsman Web Design, Certificate of Game Graphics Designer, Engineer Colorist, Industrial Engineer Colorist, Industrial Engineer Product Design, Industrial Engineer Projection, Industrial Engineer Printing, Craftsman Desktop Publishing, CAD, Specialist-Multimedia Contents Producing, ACE, ACS, ACA, ACI

About the major

- First unified design department established with the university
- Outstanding professors with educational prowess and practical work experience in various design areas
- Work and practical-focused training such as brainstorming and planning, creative design, and presentation skills
- Operate integrated design curricula that reflect societal changes and trends
- Hold product exhibition for graduates each year in related majors to support career advancement and portfolio creation

Questions and Counseling

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