Public Safety Management

What is the Department of Public Safety Management?

The Department of Public Safety Management is a future-oriented institution that aims to foster safety professionals who understand the risks facing humanity as a result of modern social development, who are responsible for public safety and crime prevention, and who can be effective in the real world. A systematic curriculum is offered exclusively to students majoring in Public Safety Management, who are developed into core personnel who can bolster the competencies of military and police personnel, ultimately playing a pivotal role in the security of the nation and global society overall. The lectures on theory and practice are provided by the nation's best faculty members. All students who complete the program receive a Bachelor of Public Safety degree.

Goals of the Department of Public Safety Management

- Cultivate military and police personnel who are committed to preventing crime and feel responsible for the overall safety of society with a comprehensive outlook, based on technological knowledge both practical and theorical as well as an in-depth understanding of the humanities.
- Foster the core talent needed inside the military or police organizations to ensure public peace and security, and protect people from natural disasters as well as human-made risks
- Develop civil and organization leaders who can think critically about societal safety and actively finds solutions
- Educate topnotch people who will be trustworthy within the military and the police

Appeal of the major

Best Professors and curricula in the country

- The faculty, representing Korea's best in the field, offer excellent courses to foster theorical knowledge and practical abilities
- Curricula that provides the knowledge and information needed to acquire qualification certification at the same time as graduation.
- Options to specialize in career tracks areas such as future strategies, civilization resilience or emergency management

Generous benefits for students of the Department of Public Safety Management

- Industrial and Industrial-University collaboration scholarship: managed through an arrangement between the university and the industry.

Establish a comprehensive human network in the field

- Share information with people engaged in firefighting, future science, the police or military
- Build a network among students, military and police officials working for the school and experts on public safety.

Diverse programs for fostering expert public security experts

- Special classes with experts from future science and firefighting and many off-site classes
- Online site for information on curricula as well as certification