A. Self-withdrawal

students wishing to withdraw due to illness or other reasons should fill out the withdrawal form and submit it to his/her dept.

  1. 1) Method: consult dept. → fill out the withdrawal form → submit to dept. via mail or in person → Dean/dept. Head's approval → registry at the Dept of School Affairs → withdrawal and get refund
  2. 2) Documents: withdrawal form, written evidence of tuition payment, a copy of the information page in the bankbook
  3. 3) Tuition refund
    • 1st day of semester: total amount
    • 2 ~ 30 days of semester: 5/6 of tuition
    • 31 ~ 60 school days: 2/3 of tuition
    • 61 ~ 90 school days: 1/2 of tuition
    • after 91 school days: no refund

B. Expulsion

  • students who do not reinstate after the 4th week (28 days) from the end of temporary absence without anyreason
  • those not enrolled within the 4 weeks (28 days) of each semester
  • those with dual academic enrollments
  • those expelled in accordance to the department's disciplinary deliberation
  • those receiving academic warnings (GPA below 1.50) 3 times in a row or more than 5times in total during the school period