Created in 2001, The University of Kyung Hee Cyber's Emblem is using a modified version of Kyung Hee University's. Kyung Hee University's emblem was patterned after the UN's seal, which reflects its mandates of democracy, peace, and humanitarianism. This symbolizes that Kyung Hee University was founded upon the same principles represented on the UN seal. The essential spirit of the UN is to realize democracy, create a peaceful world, and establish a society of culture and welfare. Kyung Hee University organizes these ideals into "creating a civilized world" and "building a better society of culture and welfare" and contributes to world peace and cultural welfare by cultivating leaders and educating civic society.

Flower: The Magnolia

In commemoration of the University's 20th anniversary, the Kyung Hee System designated the magnolia as the official university flower in May 1970. The magnolia is a symbol of the Kyung Hee Spirit, which seeks a peaceful and prosperous global community. The "pioneering elegance" and "unifying passion" of the magnolia represents humanity's hope of overcoming the ferocity of survival to work together towards a better future.

In Korea, the magnolia is well known due to the song "Magnolia Blossom." Kyung Hee University's founder Dr. Young Seek Choue penned the lyrics and former dean of the College of Music, Dong-jin Kim, composed the music. The lyrics include the lines, "guide to spring as it comes thrusting winter aside, you are the harbinger of a new age" and "flowering together, falling together, you are an image of human life." The magnolia represents not only vitality but also the eternal beauty of having overcome the trials of this age. The magnolia retains its beauty and elegance while striving through the "cold winter" of the realities of life. In addition, it signifies the communal spirit of "flowering together, falling together" that unites self-oriented individuals. This aspiration for a life that benefits the individual and society while maintaining its vitality and beauty is at the essence of the song "Magnolia Blossom" and of the university flower itself, the magnolia.

Mascot: The Laughing Lion

Statues of a laughing lion are located in front of the main administrative building of the Seoul Campus and the College of Physical Education of the Global Campus. In addition to the magnolia, the laughing lion represents the future-oriented and human-centered philosophy of the Kyung Hee Spirit. The core of this philosophy is the creation of the uniquely human historical view of the world based on the rightful understanding of natural history and evolution.

As the king of the animal kingdom, the lion represents the natural strength of an entity that has evolved and triumphed in the struggle for survival. The lion's courage and fortitude symbolize the vibrancy of life while the laughing image conveys consideration and generosity for others. As the mascot of Kyung Hee University, the laughing lion embodies the human capacity for both inner ferocity and magnanimity, and the ability to overcome the self to show consideration for others.