Course Overview

A. Learning Method

Lectures are based on distance learning via the internet.

B. Maximum Length of Learning

Maximum Length of Learning: Refers to the length of time required for graduation. The bachelor's degree program is for four years (8 semesters). Early graduation (completing one or two semesters earlier) is possible if all graduation requirements are met.

Students enrolled after 2007 must have a GPA of A- (3.7) and above for early graduation.

C. Semesters

Each academic year consists of two semesters beginning March 1 to the end of February of the following year. Some classes may begin before the semester officially starts.

  • Semester 1: March 1 - August 31
  • Semester 2: September 1 - February 28 or 29 (the following year)

D. Course Schedule & Attendance

  1. 1) Lecture Content: An average of 30 minutes running time of lectures a week per credit. A 3-credit course, for instance, includes 90 minutes of lectures weekly.
    Therefore, a 3-credit course will break down into three sessions of 30 minute lectures per week.
  2. 2) Course Schedule: A course runs for a total of fifteen weeks (including a midterm & a final).
    • A midterm basically covers the first seven lectures (1-7).
    • A final basically covers the remaining seven lectures (8-13).
  3. 3) Attendance: Includes regular attendance, tardy and absence.
    1. A) Regular Attendance: Regular attendance in principle means the completion of two weeks of lectures. However, the system will count the ending of Lecture 2 to accommodate any class changes made by the students.
    2. B) Tardy: Lectures taken after Week 2 will be considered a tardy, and three tardies equal one absence.
    3. C) Absence: Lectures not taken (viewed) will be considered an absence.
    4. - Exception: A tardy report must be submitted as early as possible to the relevant department. Doctor's note and/or a written explanation for any absences lasting more than two weeks due to illness or other extenuating circumstances must be submitted. Upon submission, professor/lecturer will verify the information and consider acceptance of the petition. However, no petition can be made for one-third or more absences of the total number of school days of the semester.
  4. 4) Others
    • A course officially comes to an end at the end of the final exam (attendance and progress not recognized).
      (Lecture content may be viewed for a period of four-weeks before the next semester begins.)
    • An "F" will be given for performance if attendance is less than three-fourths of the total number of completed lectures (attendance rate of 75% or less) regardless of the student evaluation.