Study Support Facilities

Enjoy Access to the KHU Campuses and its Central Library
Earned Credits Recognized/Transferable by Both Universities

KHCU is part of the Kyung Hee University System and supports all the campus-related activities. Having entered an agreement between KHCU and KHU, students of KHCU may take up to 24 credits (from 250 classes offered on various topics), either from the Seoul or Global campuses. The Central Library of KHU (Seoul and Global campuses) boasts over 1.8 million volumes of resources/materials in a spacious 2,000-seating capacity. We realize the importance of and what it takes for our students to become leaders of tomorrow.

KHU Library Website and e-Book Content Service

Seoul Campus Library:; International Campus Library:

  • Book Loans: Up to three books per loan, loan period (14 days), penalty rate (KRW 100 per day per book)
  • ID: Student Number/Password; the first six digits of your resident registration number ※ It may be reset.
Kyung Hee e-Book Library

KHCU operates an e-library that holds a total of 20,000 or more e-books, reflecting the world trend. Students are encouraged to efficiently utilize these e-books for their advanced studies or developing humanities or cultural knowledge.

  • Kyung Hee e-Library:
  • Login ID: Student Number/Password; the first six digits of your resident registration number (※ Same to use the Kyung University library)
  • Book Search: Search by book name or area
  • Book Reading: By installing a specialized reader on your PC.
  • Questions: Student Support Team (02-3299-8755), the Student Support Office or Librarian Section (02-961-0072), Kyung Hee Central Library

PC Laboratory: Offering Convenience and Easy Access to Online Lectures

The PC laboratory located at the Neo-Renaissance building is open to all enrolled students who are taking online lectures. Along with the library and other on-campus facilities, students are welcome to use the PC laboratory any time they want.

  • Location: Room 322, Neo Renaissance Hall
  • Service Hours: Monday to Friday (09:00-22:00), Saturday (09:00-18:00)
  • Service Method: By PC after a simple identity check; compliance with service rules
  • Questions: 02-3299-8590

Introduction to the KHCU Study Hall

KHCU actively carries out exchange programs by concluding agreements with overseas universities in order to realize the creation of a cultural world which is the spirit of its founding. KHCU provides online Korean language programs to its partner universities by reflecting the Korean-style zeal in the Asian region with the purpose of building a virtual global campus, as well as diffusing Neo Renaissance ideas and the practicing of globalizing of KHCU.
To this end, KHCU has founded and operated the KHCU Study Hall, a Korean language drill room, at such foreign universities, including Ulaanbaatar University in Mongol; four GCS consortium universities in the Philippines, including Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Negros Oriental State University, Cagayan de Oro College, and Pangasinan Colleges of Science and Technology and Hanoi University in Vietnam. It also continues international exchange programs.
KHCU will exert its best to enhance pride of its constituents and to secure international competitiveness by furthering international exchange and cooperation.