Finance and Economics

About the major

"We cultivate experts in finance and economics by applying advanced theories and practical education focused on the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution"

- A domestic frontrunner in Finance and Economics, organizing a distinctive education program and offering the academic foundation
- Korea's first incubator of professional managers encompassing both finance and economics
- A realistic and practical program taught by renowned professors

Educational goals

The Finance and Economics major seeks to cultivate individuals with great understanding of advanced theories and extensive practical knowledge in the Finance and Economics pertaining to banking, securities, insurances and taxation. The ultimate goal is to nurture core personnel for the future who work as comprehensive asset management specialists apply in-depth courses on Finance and Economics to manage assets, thereby increasing asset value and realizing high investment returns.

Appeal of the major

A choice between two majors in the Department of Finance and Real Estate Studies: Finance & Economics or Urban Planning & Real Estate

- Learn about finance and real estate at the same time
- Departments linked by common required courses, expanding the range of double majors and minors
- AFPK-certified educational institute

Named AFPK-certified educational institute in 2011

- Completion of certain courses qualifies students to sit for AFPK exam
- AFPK certification enables one to provide professional services related to financial planning, the first step toward Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualification

Major-specific programs for cultivating financial and economic asset managers

- Mock securities (stock, futures options) investment contest
- Field trips to the Korea Stock Exchange and Bank of Korea
- Offline special lectures with invited experts in finance and economics

Special scholarship programs for the Department of Finance and Real Estate Studies alone

- Special scholarships, apart from the national and university scholarship program (run on alumni and student donations for college advancement)
- Alumnus Ki-Won Lee Scholarship
- Other university scholarship offerings: based on grades and exemplary studies