Towards Global Eminence

Rated top in the Comprehensive Evaluation of Cyber Universities Conducted by the Korea Ministry of Education Since its establishment in 2001, Kyung Hee Cyber University (KHCU) has produced nearly 8,189 graduates of which many have proceeded on to graduate schools, pursuing their dream of acquiring a master’s or doctoral degree. Currently, around 10,000 students are striving for this dream in six schools with 19 departments and 50 majors under the 61-year strong Kyung Hee University System. The online video lectures of renowned professors and online education experts, designed and produced in their entirety in six large studios, represent the highest standards of cyber education. Also, the 3D animation and characters differentiate our video content production from our competitors. The library, PC laboratory and Local Learning Centers enable off-line learning, and our various scholarships help many realize their dream. KHCU sets a prestigious global standard for state-of-the-art content with advanced technologies, reasonable academic affairs and administration system.

Cultivating World Citizens as Leaders of a Global Civil Society

KHCU Project: Training Global Leaders with a Global Perspective
To be at the forefront of cyber education, KHCU is undergoing a mid & long-term development plan known as the KHCU Project. It aims to train and prepare its constituents to become active agents, playing a pivotal role, in establishing a global common society. Currently, KHCU is engaged in active international affairs with foreign universities, including the University of Hanoi in Vietnam as well as other universities in Mongolia, the Philippines, United States, Canada, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Students from these universities have free access to our online Korean Language Program through the KHCU Study Hall established in partner universities. For the students of KHCU, various opportunities are offered to visit various foreign countries to participate in language programs and other activities designed to raise an awareness of the world. Furthermore, KHCU will strive to be the university that offers systematized e-learning thereby cultivating individuals who can adapt to the ever fast-changing world.

Cultivating World Citizens as Leaders of a Global Civil Society

Get United as a Member of the Kyung Hee Community... Benefits Exclusive for Kyung Hee Members
KHCU is an educational institution affiliated with Kyung Hee University (KHU) with the brand Kyung Hee. As a result, the libraries, lecture rooms, PC laboratory and other facilities on the Seoul and Global Campuses of KHU readily and easily accessible to KHCU students. Furthermore, the lectures on the Seoul and Global Campuses are also available to KHCU students and may be completed for credit.. KHCU students and their family members can receive benefits and discounts from the Kyung Hee Medical Center as well as support from the Kyung Hee Alumni Scholarship when they enter KHU Graduate School. Taking pride in the highest rate of scholarship recipients among virtual universities, KHCU offers a wide range of student support programs, such as a student union, university festivals and athletics program. These support programs are in place to help build up a broad social network among the students. Experience the knowledge and culture at KHCU, where the infrastructure for dispensing accumulated knowledge is available.