Scholarships are awarded to students under financial difficulties or those with great accomplishments in their academic life for the purpose of boosting them to further commit to their studies and university life. By doing so, students are able to contribute to driving their country to be a much advanced country.


Eligibility for scholarships is given to: those who submit the application within the given period; those who have achieved academic success in the previous semester; those whose family has been under financial needs and those who have been exemplary to others.

Restriction on Scholarship Payments

  1. A student who has been punished because of acts of violating the school rules or student life regulations;
  2. A student who has taken a leave of absence;
  3. A student who has been warned against the student's academic performance; or
  4. A student who has enrolled in nine or more semesters (for scholarships given to students with excellent academic record).

Scholarship Payment Dates (Period)

As a general rule, scholarships are paid on a semester basis but this is subject to change in accordance with scholarship regulations.

Application for Scholarships and Recipients Selection

The application should be submitted within the given period for scholarships granted by KHCU. The recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee through a verification process of the candidates pursuant to its regulations.

Scholarship Payment Criteria and Minimum Scores

Scholarships may be cancelled if the recipient fails to enroll for the semester.

If the scholarships are duplicated, the higher level will be paid (dual or redundant payment is prohibited).

As a rule, a scholarship is paid to students who enroll in regular semesters only (Those who enroll in season semesters are excluded).

As a rule, the amount of scholarship is limited to the amount of tuition.

Information on Scholarship Availabilities

Scholarships paid based on entrance examination scores
  • Scholarships are paid to working students and female students who support family as well as students who show outstanding proficiency in foreign language skills. Students are selected based on the scholarship criteria provided in the entrance examination guidelines.
Scholarships granted to outstanding and exemplary students
  • The criteria and the amount of scholarships are determined by the Scholarship Committee each semester.
  • Although no separate procedure is required, the application is submitted to the Student Support Office with a recommendation letter by the department head.
  • The final selection of outstanding and exemplary students is announced on the website. The tuition is exempted when enrolling for the semester.
  • Outstanding student level A: Scholarship of KRW 1,200,000/semester
  • Outstanding student level B: Scholarship of KRW 600,000/semester
  • Outstanding student level C: Scholarship of KRW 300,000/semester
  • Exemplary student: Scholarship of KRW 400,000/semester

The criteria for selecting outstanding or exemplary students and their scholarship amount may vary from semester to semester. The details are determined by the Scholarship Committee.

Kyung Hee Welfare Scholarship
  • Detailed information on Kyung Hee Welfare Scholarship is announced on the website around March to April for the Spring semester and around September to October for the Fall semester.
  • Students should mail the original application documents to the Student Support Office according the announcement.
  • The scholarships are paid to the students' accounts after verifying all the documents.