Seasonal semesters run during the summer/winter breaks for students who need to add lectures to their regular semester courses, and for students who wish to graduate early or are taking multiple majors and/or minors.

A. Types of Online Assessments

  1. 1) Simultaneous Assessments: Students log in at a given date and time to be assessed
    [e.g., 20:00 - 20:30, May 10, 2009 (30 minutes)].
  2. 2) Non-Simultaneous Assessments: Students take a test for a given length of time within a given time span of one day or more.
    [e.g., 09:00, May 10, 2009 - 23:00, May 12, 2009 (60 minutes)].

B. Question Types

  1. 1) General: Multiple choice, True or False, Multiple Answers, or Short Answers. There is a 20-character limit to short answers including blank spaces.
  2. 2) Essays: Writing essays on a given question or prompt. There is a 6,000-character limit to essay questions including blank spaces.

C. How to Perform Assessments

  1. Click on [Login>Classroom>Test] to see your list of [Exams to Take].
    • Course Name: Name of the course
    • Exam Name: Name of the assessment (ex. a midterm or a final)
    • Time: Date and time of the assessment
  2. When your list of [Exams to Take] appears, first confirm the time of each exam and click on the exam name of a course to be directed to a page with detailed explanation on that course exam.
    • By clicking on the exam name of a course, you will see the course name, date, grading method, exam name, time of exam and whether the exam has been taken and if the answers have been submitted. Under [Introduction], you will find the professor's explanation of the exam.
  3. Click on [Take Exam]
  4. By clicking on the [Take Exam] button during the exam period, you will see a full page with additional information. This page is not a system error. It is intended to limit the use of other programs during the test. Non-simultaneous assessments consist of [About the Course], [About the Exam] and [Start Exam].
  5. Read [About the Exam] carefully, and click on [Start Exam] to take the exam.

    Simultaneous assessments start automatically at the set exam time.

  6. Take the exam.

    Each exam page will appear as a full screen. Generally, one or two questions will show up per page. After answering the question(s), move to [Next] or [Previous] and the answers will be saved automatically. On the upper part of the page, there are [Test Name], [Time Remaining] and [Refresh] buttons. The [Refresh] button is to resolve problems that may appear on the screen.

    1. Students must keep track of the time during the exam.
    2. If problems occur on the screen, e.g., questions not showing up, always use the [Refresh] button to renew the page. For essay questions, however, the [Temporarily Save] button must be used. Clicking the [Refresh] button will erase the text.

  7. After answering the final question, press [Submit Answer] to submit.

    1. A warning message will appear on the screen 3 minutes before the exam ends. If the answer sheet is not submitted by the time the exam is over, the answer sheet will be saved automatically.
    2. Once submitted, no changes can be made. Therefore, be sure to review your answers thoroughly before pressing the [Submit Answer] button.

  8. This shows how an exam is normally processed when the time expires. Press the [Exit] button on the upper right hand side of the screen to exit the page.
    Tips: Checking your answer sheet:
    1. The [Check Answer Sheet] menu appears for all types of assessments (T/F, multiple choice and short answers).
    2. The [Check Answer Sheet] enables the student to look over both answered and unanswered questions.
    3. Questions with answers marked are shown immediately on the [Check Answer Sheet] menu. To move on to uncompleted questions or to check answers, click on the number beside the question to answer or to confirm.

D. Cheating

Two or more test-takers of the same examination from a similar or identical IP addresses will be deemed as cheating. In such instance, the test-takers may receive lower or no grade (0 point) for the exam regardless of the result. Therefore, students must take precautions during assessments.