Creating a Civilized World

"A Civilized World" is created by the determination and efforts of humanity with peace, human dignity, and happiness as the foremost principles. It is a global society in which humanity transcends racial, national, ethno-cultural, religious, ideological, and socio-economic barriers to peacefully coexist and prosper. It is also "a genuine field of life" in which the natural world, with humans at the center, can function in its very essence.

"A Civilized World" is "spiritually beautiful, materially affluent, and humanly rewarding." Spiritual and mental balance and harmony are necessary for happiness. We are pursuing a society in which all humanity can partake in the joys and value of life through this harmony. This is a society in which the individual can respect others while also finding the self, and can become sustainably abundant through the creation of new cultures and uprightness for future generations.

"A Civilized World" overcomes conflicts and confrontations through human effort. It strives to develop the modern phenomenon of technology while overcoming its damaging effects and maximizing its benefits. The goal is to improve humanity's welfare by creating a culture and civilization in which new ideas and aesthetics can blossom.

In addition to "creating a civilized world," Kyung Hee University is creating an academic world that embodies humanity's common values based on a tradition and spirit that harmonizes research, education, and practice. It will contribute to creating this new world by cultivating leaders with a creative humanity.