Kyung Hee Spirit


Kyung Hee cyber University's mottos are "Democratization of School," "Democratization of Thought," and "Democratization of Living."

Democratization of School

All policies and management at Kyung Hee cyber University will be based on the principles of democratic freedom and are intended to facilitate rational decision-making. Faculty, staff, and students possess their respective rights and responsibilities and through dialogue and harmony, all members of the community are encouraged to express their individual creativity.

Democratization of Thought

A diverse and creative academe is created through educational independence and academic research which are central to the mission and purpose of a university. An academic world of creativity and convergence is developed through the instillation of shared human values created by new knowledge that can be gained through the individual's independent consciousness and boundless academic activities.

Democratization of Living

Democracy will go beyond systemic and institutional levels and into the individual's daily life. Each human being has the right to make his or her own decisions with full ownership. The basic quality of an upright and rational democratic citizen is the freedom and autonomy to make judgments and choices in daily life.

The Kyung Hee Spirit

The Kyung Hee Spirit is represented by "Creative Efforts," "Progressive Spirits," and "Productive Cooperation."

Creative Efforts

The root of development is creativity. The creative process can take place when one makes a determined effort on a foundation of abundant knowledge. This effort to overcome the environment with which one is presented and to open new horizons is a crucial requirement for the development of scholarship and our civilization.

Progressive Spirits

To create a better life and a better world, there must be both a creative vision for the future and a strong spirit of devotion to the achievement of this future. A persevering spirit and a forward-looking perspective are needed to overcome any and all obstacles and to avoid short-sighted decisions and passiveness.

Productive Cooperation

The advancement of civilization has been made possible by cooperation. Working together to harmonize differences will bring about immeasurable synergistic effects. Productive cooperation is a necessary factor to the development of a community and of history. A constructive and cooperative spirit is needed to overcome self-centered provincialism.