The School of Integrated Software and Design

Introducing the School of Integrated Software and Design

- Build an open education system to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution in the 21st century, with the aim to creatively converge multiple academic disciplines to create new kinds of knowledge and value
- Blend humanities, engineering, art, and design to nurture talented people who are experts and creatively convergent, with well-rounded social and public-spirited competencies

Goals of the School of Integrated Software and Design

“A future-oriented school that plays a leading role in the global community through creative convergence”

We are transcending the boundaries of traditional studies in step with the vision of Kyung Hee Cyber University to achieve a more advanced convergence education that nurtures creative, future-oriented talent. Students may experience multiple majors offered on campus to acquire a wide range of knowledge and cultivate their creativity. They also can get practical courses converged with other majors to obtain a more technically sophisticated and specialized education.

- Offer converged education that strikes a balance with other majors to allow for rapid adaptation to the constantly changing ICT, art, design and contents industry
- Aim for robust competitiveness that nurture creatively convergent talent that meets the needs of society at the time of the 4th Industrial Revolution
- Provide converged education programs that are practical and balanced, grafting software, design and other technical areas with business management.