ICT and Contents Convergence

"Where aesthetic sensibilities and advanced technologies meet"

The ICT & Content Convergence Department fosters convergent talent in both design and engineering, equipped with problem-solving skills as well as hands-on design capabilities, to satisfy the needs of the diversifying industrial society of today. Successful communication skills are honed through a multi-disciplinary education approach that integrates aspects of design, ICT, business, culture, and industry. At the same time, students develop comprehensive and creative practical skills that enable them to create new business models where ICT and design converge, to include VR contents, mobile apps, game design, and coding technologies.

Career paths after graduation

- Software app developer: creating apps for games, the internet, mobile devices and contents
- Designing and developing games, contents and websites
- Merchandiser: planning and marketing multimedia contents
- Venture start-up: applying on one's own ideas to establishing one's own start-up in games, the internet or contents
- Developer of next-generation integrated VR contents: developing and producing contents for VR/ AR and holograms
- Graduate school or overseas study: continuing one's academic pursuits to become a researcher, professor, or top-level talent for hire

Related qualifications

MAP, Certificate of Game Planner, Certificate of Game Graphics Designer, Certificate of Game Programmer, Engineer Information Processing, Craftsman Information Processing, Coding Instructor, Software Education Instructor

About the major

- Cultivate individuals who can lead industries that will at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution
- We foster people with many talents with diverse courses on humanities, technology and design
- Our education is practical and can be used for making new integrated area and plans
- Our courses are industry friendly with cooperation with smart content companies

Questions and Counseling

☎ 02-3299-8631 E-mail : convergence@khcu.ac.kr