The Classical Humanities

The Classical Humanities major combines two creative disciplines: Humanities and Classics.

We pursue the most ideal educational effect that can be created by liberal arts curriculum of universities both at home and abroad. In particular, we aim to nurture talented people in the 21st century that will constantly present a new vision for the future based on high-quality culture. These neo-renaissance talents focus on pursuing prestigious private school, Kyung Hee University’s ‘PeaceBAR’ educational dreams of spiritual beauty, material abundance and humanly rewards. Furthermore, these talents will contribute to the creation of the future cultural world, and possess flexible talent that combines creative thinking and rational attitude based on a solid knowledge and understanding of humanities and classics. Successful completion of all curriculum and requirements will award you with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Classics.

Post-Graduation Career Path

Producer and host of humanities and culture programs in the press and publishing industry, cultural critic, humanities and classical writer, humanities and classical educator, reporter, essay instructor, reading instructor, forest and river commentator, cultural commentator, graduate school, etc.

Related Certificates

Reading essay instructor, cultural tour commentator etc.

Department - Major Merits

  • Differentiated curriculum combining humanities and classics
  • Operation of communities in East and West classics
  • Demonstration of speech making and presentation techniques
  • Humanitas Scholarship System