A rapidly changing society has arrived. The increase in the number of people experiencing difficulties in adaptation in each sector of society is an inevitable phenomenon. In other words, there is growing interest in understanding a happy life, the human mind and behavior, and human growth and development. The Department of Counseling Psychology offers a variety of mental health and counseling services through a professional curriculum by providing practical, integrated, and professional knowledge and counseling skills and applied training. We cultivate creative, progressive, constructive and competent consulting talents leading to the realization of a happy society. As well as operating the necessary courses to acquire related qualifications, we provide basic counseling psychology curriculum and in-depth and applied curriculum. Students will learn all the courses from the best professors in Korea and receive guidance to work as a professional counselor in various human service areas.

Post-Graduation Career Path

  • Professional counseling center: Child counseling center, youth counseling center, youth training center, couple counseling center, family counseling center, coaching center, geriatric counseling center, dementia counseling center, multicultural family counseling center, sexual violence counseling center, addiction counseling center, etc.
  • General company: Corporate consulting center, career counseling center, corporate training center, consulting firm, etc.
  • Educational institution: elementary, junior high and high school counseling room, university student life counseling center, etc.
  • Social welfare facilities: comprehensive social welfare center, elderly welfare center, elderly care facilities, child welfare facilities, etc.
  • Medical institutions: mental health center, hospice, illness, medical clinic, etc.
  • Public institutions: Ministry of National Defense, National Police Agency, etc.
  • Psychotherapy center: play therapy, music therapy, art therapy, story therapy, drama psychotherapy center, etc.
  • Graduate School Admission: Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology, Graduate School of Social Welfare, etc.

Related Certificates

Clinical Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Youth Counselor, Narrative Counselor, KAC
(Korea Associate Coach)

Department - Major Merits

  • Cultivate competent professional counselors in mental health and counseling fields
  • Practical curriculum required in the field of family counselingㆍeducational counselingㆍwelfare counselingㆍcorporate counselingㆍmedical counselingㆍmilitary counseling
  • Operation of certificate related subjects such as youth counselor, clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist