Global Culture Experience



▲ The 25th Overseas Expedition of Kyung Hee Cyber University through 4 European nations in 2016 ((Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany)

Kyung Hee Cyber University has launched 26 overseas expeditions from 2003 in order to establish creative, and future-oriented university culture as well as nurturing human talent for the era of globalization. The 26th Overseas Expedition last year consisted of cultural expedition and volunteer work at Siem Reap of Cambodia and the 24th Overseas Expedition consisted of exploration of 4 European nations ((Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany).

The 27th Overseas Expedition which takes place in June will head over to Spain. The students selected for the overseas expedition are scheduled to travel through various regions of Spain including Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Ronda, Granada, and Barcelona over 6 nights and 8 days to expand their global sensitivity and insight for the era of globalization.