Korean Language Studies (for Foreigners)

“Cultivating foreign talents equipped with a competence in Korean language and a broad understanding of the Korean culture.” The Department of Korean Language is the first department established among cyber universities. With a goal of nurturing foreign talents with practical Korean language skills (for both academic and business settings), the department fosters excellent foreign talents who are needed in the global environment and in the multi-cultural society, as well as who can meet the needs of both domestic and overseas businesses and societies. Through the well-organized training courses on language, culture, and courses designed to enhance students’ academic and real-life competencies, the department aims to nurture talents equipped with excellent Korean skills, a good understanding of different cultures and communication skills.

Post-Graduation Career Path

  • Domestic and international companies
  • Transfer to other universities in Korea and abroad
  • Graduate school in Korea and overseas
  • Acquisition of Korean Language Teacher Certificate
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Multicultural instructor, bilingual instructor

Related Certificates

TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean Level 1-6
Korean Language Teacher Level 2 (For those who double major in Korean Language and Culture)
Korean Language Teacher Level 3 (For those who minor in Korean Language and Culture)

Department - Major Merits

  • First cyber university established in 2017 to nurture foreign talents
  • 4 year bachelor’s degree program
  • Practical Korean language competency for academic and business settings
  • Well-organized language training program from basic to advanced
  • Cultural courses including Korean Daily Culture and Language and practical courses including Business Korean, Food Service & Culinary Korean
  • Double major in several areas including Social Welfare, Food Service and Culinary Management, Applied Music, and Korean Language & Culture
  • Real-time video seminar with professors
  • Korean Language Helper Program