Cyber University Brand Power #1, Kyung Hee Cyber University Admission for Second Semester 2018


  • Competency certified through project reflecting educational philosophy and identity of ‘Kyung Hee’
  • Scientific Imagination, Future-oriented Talent, Military Competency Reinforcement, and ‘Kyung Hee Nano-Degree’ programs newly established
  • High level of activity for student participation programs such as semester opening/ending special lectures, book concerts, and overseas expeditions every semester

▲ Student participation event ‘Special Lecture on Job Seeking and Entrepreneurship and Book Concert’ being held on May 12 (Sat) at Kyung Hee University Seoul Campus

Kyung Hee Cyber University (President Cho In Won) which has solidified itself as No.1 brand power amongst 21 cyber universities in Korea is admitting new and transfer students for the second semester for 2018. The application period is from June 1 (Fri) to August 17 (Fri).

Departments for admission ((Majors) are ▲IT Integrated Design ((Computer Information & Communication and Engineering, Visual Media Design),

▲Humantias ((Classical Humantias, NGO Social Innovation), ▲Social Welfare Department (Social Welfare, Elderly Welfare, Children and Childcare), ▲Arts and Sports ((Media Creative Writing, Culture and Art Management, Sports Management, Applied Music) ▲Sociology (Healthcare Management, Counseling, Media Communication)

▲International Languages and Cultures (Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, American Culture and Language Studies, Korean Language & Cultural, and Korean Language Studies)

▲Business Management ((Marketing·Sustainable Business Leadership, Asset Management, Global Management, Tax & Accounting)

▲Hospitality·Tourism·Food Service ((Hotel·Restaurant Management, Tourism & Leisure Management, Food Service and Culinary Management) which are spread across 3 departments and 26 majors.

Students are selected based on their self-introduction essays (80%) and personality tests (20%) regardless of their scholastic ability test and academic records and anyone who has completed high school or equivalent level of education is eligible. Anyone who has graduated junior college or attending/graduated 4-years university program can transfer as second/third year students. They will receive 4-years university bachelor’s degree equivalent to that of offline university upon graduation.

Tuition for Kyung Hee Cyber University is 1/3 of that of offline university. 60% of the students receive scholarship and scholarship benefits are available for wide variety of students including workers, housewives, transfer students, farmers/fishermen, young meisters, superb foreign language students, sports talent, families of military/police/firemen, Kyung Hee alumni, multi-cultural families, humanitas, and musical talents and they are all helping with relieving the financial burden of tuition for the students.

Also, the Kyung Hee Family benefits provide scholarship benefits for alumni when students are admitted into Kyung Hee University or Kyung Hee Cyber University Graduate School along with medical expense discounts for Kyung Hee University Medical center and Gangdong Kyung Hee University Medical Center. The strong network based on over 26,000 graduated students and 10,000 current students is also another advantage of Kyung Hee Cyber University.

Students of Kyung Hee Cyber University can also use campus facilities of Kyung Hee University Seoul and International Campus freely and also participate in special lectures and studies held at Hongneung Campus as well as Gyeonggi, Busan, Daejeon, and Gwangju Regional Learning Centers. They can also participate in various offline programs such as festivals, athletic competitions, specialization projects, overseas exploration, and overseas cultural expeditions to grow their competencies and build human network.

Application submission can be completed through the admission center website (( on either PC or mobile phone. Further details regarding admissions can be obtained through the admission center website or phone (02-959-0000).

Meanwhile, the Graduate School of Kyung Hee Cyber University is also admitting new and transfer students for second half of 2018. There are 2 graduate schools and 5 majors which consist of the Graduate School of Hospitality and Tourism featuring ▲Hotel & Restaurant MBA ▲Sustainable Tourism & Leisure Development MBA and the Graduate School of Culture Creation featuring ▲Creative Arts and Media ▲Culture and Arts Management ▲Future Civic Leadership & Governance.

You can only apply via online through the website (( and anyone who has acquired (Scheduled to acquire) bachelor’s degree from university or achieved equivalent level of education by law is eligible for application.

Further details regarding graduate school admission can be viewed through the graduate school website (( or acquired via phone (02-3299-8808).