Kyung Hee License Program “Kyung Hee Nano-Degree”


Reinforcement of Competency Required by Society in Short Time ··· Kyung Hee Nano-Degree Qualification Program

▲ Structure Map of ‘Kyung Hee Nano-Degree’ Program of Kyung Hee Cyber University

Kyung Hee Cyber University has created a new ‘Qualifications program’ to reinforce competency required by society in short period of time for the students. This program which will be operated under the name of ‘Kyung Hee Nano-Degree’ was inspired by the curriculum of online public lecture company of the US called ‘Udacity’. The nano-degree curriculum of Udacity is being operated amongst global enterprises such as Google and IBM and the US ICT companies even reflect the candidates’ nano-degree curriculum completion as major indicator when hiring new employees.

This program helps students to reflect on their persona through the ‘Basic humanities’ course of Kyung Hee Cyber University as well as providing more advanced level of education in each field based on such humanities. The scientific imagination certification program consists of subjects related to physics, climate change, artificial intelligence, and life while the future-oriented talent certification program consists of subjects such as career exploration, job seeking, entrepreneurship, self-development, and leadership. Military competency reinforcement certification program will consist of subjects such as military/police counseling, national security and information, North-South Korea relations, war and civilization, military psychology, military/police organizational behavior theory. This military competency reinforcement certification program especially draws attention as it consists of subjects which can provide additional points when soldiers are being assessed for promotion.