Introducing the Student of Kyung Hee Cyber University? Kang Daniel



▲Kang Daniel of Kyung Hee Cyber University discussing admission to Kyung Hee Cyber University on MBC Radio Star

Kang Daniel, member of idol group Wanna One who has gained mass popularity after successful debut through ‘Produce 101’ has revealed his commitment to university life through his busy work schedule at an entertainment program recently. The reason that he could continue his school work as he works as a singer is because he is attending a cyber university.

It is difficult for him to attend an offline university as his schedule as a singer is inconsistent but cyber universities provide the benefit of being able to continue school work without limitation in terms of time or place.

Kang Daniel has stated that he has taken a school qualification exam after leaving high school and has begun studying once again after his debut which was postponed to achieve his dream of becoming a singer at MBC entertainment program 『Radio Star』.

He has been admitted to ‘Applied Music Department’ within Kyung Hee Cyber University and the school has stated that Kang Daniel has been an outstanding student as he recorded high attendance rate and superb academic marks.

Applied Music Department of Kyung Hee Cyber University was established in 2017 and features faculty composed of singers Kim Hyun Cheol, Shim Hyun Bo along with music director Mog, jazz singer Woong San and others and has established a professional artist education system through cooperation and assistance from a wide variety of professional music education institutions. The Applied Music Department also features students such as Solji (Member of EXID), Lee Dong Eun (Former member of Blue Sky), and graduated students such as Suho, Baek Hyun, and Chan Yeol (Member of EXO).